Why Delta Cox?

Each member of Delta Cox is fueled by a passion for travel.

Why stress alone when you can count on an agent to plan your group trip for you? Reach out to us today to get us to do the work, so you don’t have.

An important inspiration for which destination to travel to next, various surveys and top sites have acknowledged that “insta-tourism” is an essential marketing tool and has been making changes to industries since its debut. A great deal of travelers kick starts their planning for trips largely based on popular photogenic locations captured on Instagram. A survey revealed that over 40% state that “Instagram ability” is the biggest influence in deciding their next holiday destination. 61% of millennial revealed that they would not go on vacation to a destination where they do not think they can capture good photographs. With the convenience of the social platform and with the following that is typically credible artists or mainly your own friends, people searching for travel inspiration tend to find Instagram a more authentic “insiders look” at a particular destination rather than, let’s say, a carefully-curated tourism brochure.


When you are open-minded about your destination or even timings for the trip, you can probably save big. Sometimes where you want to go, might not be worth the journey. Or sometimes for the timings you want to go, the place might be at its most expensive.

Delta Cox is both experienced and proficient in the travel industry and provides the best services for your requirements.

While many would choose to plan the whole of their trip on their own for reasons like it can be cheaper and you can customize your travels, it is good to consider that using a travel agent can ultimately help in the bigger picture. With the rise in natural disasters and unexpected country unrest lately, travel agents can be a safety blanket since they have access and on-ground help to serve as an advocate in the event of any problem. They can help to change travel dates in case of weather-related emergencies or do the flight monitoring for the best flights for you. They can help find out interesting places to go or the best way to get there. Sure, you can research yourself which is fun too, but it is also possible to feel stressed with the overload of information that might also make it hard to come to a decision.

All the time that you may spend on planning for a certain trip when you could do other more productive things or money that you might spend more in the event of such mishappenings, could have probably been better utilized on a travel agent in the first place. Not only that, having a travel agent can add more value to your travel experience for just an additional fraction of the price to be paid or quite possibly even the same amount if you think about how they can leverage on their network and corporate discounts. In light of the recent unfortunate events, travel agents can also be crucial in helping to reorganize your upcoming or ongoing trip while you continue to have a good trip, because let’s face it, not all of us can afford the time or extra costs of travelling.

While it is known that there is no proven way on how to get the best flight prices since they fluctuate a lot, perhaps not many people know that the prices also fluctuate at various timings throughout the day. As a general rule of thumb, it is good to monitor the prices and book in the afternoon as flight prices tend to be relatively higher in the morning when business travelers book most of their flights. Flight prices tend to be higher at night as well where a majority would be back from school or work and ready to book flights. The best prices are agreed to be on weekdays for the same reason.

Also, for those who have not realized that flight prices tend to change after searching it a few times in your web browser, it is good to know that it does. Flight prices can increase and, in many cases, do increase when a certain flight is repeatedly monitored or searched. Based on the cookies in your web browser, the increase is done systematically to “scare” you into confirming and booking the flight as soon as possible before it gets even higher. To prevent this, it is good to search for flights in private browsing to see true best prices and our transparent pricing policies will help you optimise your travel itineraries by leveraging our global reach and networks, which ultimately reduce travel expenditure and benefit you.

Why Travel Associates Needed.

Travelling is fun, exciting, and packed with benefits for the mind, body, and soul, but it can also be a lot of work, especially when done in a group. Everyone travels for their own unique purposes and with unique goals in mind. So it can be stressful trying to align your expectations with others’ vision of what a group trip should be. When it comes to travel pet peeves, our associates at Delta Cox have heard it all. Here are the top five that are the most widely reported, plus what you can should you ever have to deal with them during a group vacation.


Travelling is a commitment, and as such, should be planned well ahead of time. If you’re naturally organized, you’d know that it can be very annoying to have a friend or family member stalling until the last minute to chip in their share of the group effort.

In order to avoid any dramas surrounding planning expectations, you and your travel partners should openly discuss your individual schedules and how much time should be spent on planning your group vacation. And because the travel itinerary will be shared, tasks should be evenly delegated, which means each person must be able to be responsible over an area or aspect of the planning. It should also be understood from the get-go that all discussions and planning activities should take place months before the actual travel dates.


If there’s one thing that can unnecessarily add to the stress of planning for a group trip, it’s unclear expectations around budget and travel costs. Avoid awkwardness and grudges altogether by discussing your expected group budget in the early stage of planning. As a rule of thumb, each person should financially contribute an equal amount into group activities. No one wants to fork out extra money to keep that other penny-pinching person in the group from being left behind.

Any one-off pursuit that one or two members of the trip want to explore should not be included in the group budget, and should instead be individually paid. It would be wise to come up with a money pool that each member evenly contributes to early, and a rule that states all payments are done by agreed deadlines, and after each itinerary milestone is set in stone. This can ensure that all final payments can be made efficiently, without any imbalances that could result in later resentment.


It’s actually okay to travel with people who you may not have anything in common. But it is highly important that you share the same core values with regards to your travel expectations and boundaries. Many travellers often make the mistake of not cross-checking their individual priorities ahead of their shared trip. Unsurprisingly, they would fall victim to the stress of mitigating different priorities on the trip itself and end up feeling resentment towards their travel partners.

Avoid all the travel dramas and meltdowns by making the effort to research your trip and letting others know what your expectations are, early on and well before your travel dates. They can be about anything, from hot spots you’d like to visit and restaurants you’d like to try, to unheard-of activities and even nap times. The point is to be transparent about your needs and foolproof the group itinerary from unnecessary disappointments later.


This one can really bite a group trip, especially one that was planned in the shared desire to reconnect or deepen relationships. No one likes to feel unheard or shrugged off just because the other person is always too busy taking photos or answering their phone, and especially not when travelling for fun. So ensure that your trip takes place at a time where everyone in the group can truthfully afford to take time off from their work and other day-to-day commitments back home. If it’s really important to stay connected to your usual routines while you travel, just make sure you schedule phone calls and emails ahead of time. You don’t want to look back at group photos only to be reminded of how much fun you actually missed out on.