How to Survive An Emergency Flight Delay?

No one likes to be stranded, but knowing how to manage delays makes a difference.

How to Survive An Emergency Flight Delay.

Ever been stuck in an airport due to your flight getting delayed or cancelled? Delayed flights are actually the worst enemy of every traveler. Nobody wants to experience them, but the truth is, they take place as a precaution to assure passenger safety in the face of an emergency. Case in point: low-cost airline Scoot recently faced a lot of criticism after 321 passengers boarding a flight from Athens, Greece, to Singapore were stranded at Athens International Airport for a staggering 56 hours (more than two days). The issues took some time to be resolved due to technical and scheduling conflicts. As much as we hate to say it, flight delays are many times inevitable, which is why here are some tips on how to survive one, especially if it’s an emergency.